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A Brief History of Jèrriais
What has changed since the Second World War is that most of those who underwent the same experience ..
Bouan Noué
In our booklet we've collected together carols, poems and stories from three centuries of printed Jè..
Des Noms d'Maisons (House Names, Jèrriais)
Have you ever wondered what your house name means? Or your neighbours'? Or perhaps you would like to..
Dictionnaithe Anglais-Jèrriais (English-Jèrriais Dictionary)
This handy compact dictionary is the second edition of the first comprehensive dictionary of Jersey'..
Dictionnaithe Jèrriais-Anglais (Jèrriais-English Dictionary)
This handy compact dictionary is the second edition of the first comprehensive dictionary of Jersey'..
Eune Collection Jèrriaise
A selection of literature in Jersey's own language, with parallel English translations, brings Islan..
Histouaithes et Gens D'Jerri (soft back)
Book by G Le Feuvre written in the Jersey Language, this is a companion volume to Jerri Jadis ..
Jèrriais for Parents & Grandparents - Lé Jèrriais pouor les pathents et les grands-pathents
Lé Jèrriais pouor les pathents et les grands-pathents (Jèrriais for parents and grandparents) Un ..
La P'tite Sente 1
A new series of workbooks launched to help Island school children improve their grammar and vocabula..
Le Jèrriais Pour Tous (soft back)
The Jersey language (or Jèrriais) has been the traditional vehicle of thought and speech of the Jers..
Les Preunmié Mille Mots
A book designed to make the learning of Jèrriais amusing and interesting to young and old alike. A c..
Mille Ditons en Jèrriais
A thousand sayings in the Norman French language, with translations in English and French, the book ..
Un livret d'phrases en Jèrriais
Voul'-ous pâler l'Jèrriais? Do you want to speak Jèrriais? From now on it will be even easier to get..
Bram and Elie (Jèrriais)
"Bram & Elie", a centenary anthology, will provide great pleasure for those familiar with the wo..
Chu Preunmié Noué (That First Christmas - Jèrriais)
Chu Preunmié Noué is an ideal stocking filler for Christmas.  A beautifully illustrated booklet..
Dictionnaire Jersiais-Francais (Jerriais - French Dictionary)
Dictionnaire Jersiais-Francais by Frank Le Maistre with Vocabulary Francais-Jersiais by Albert Ca..
Eune Pouch'tée d'Poésies (Jèrriais)
J'avons ichîn eune pétite pouch'tée d'poésies Jèrriaises, auve des vèrsions Angliaîches, - entouor l..
J'allons à la chasse à l'ourse (We're Going on a Bear Hunt) (Jèrriais)
J’allons à la chasse à l’ourse! (We’re going on a bear hunt!)   The well-known children’s..
La P'tite Gruffalinne (Jèrriais)
La P’tite Gruffaline Lé Gruffalo dit qu’ch’est mauvaîtchi dé mett’ ses pids dans la grande néthe ..
Lé Gruffalo
Lé Gruffalo - the endearing children's classic picture storybook by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffl..
Learn Jèrriais CD-Rom
This Learn Jèrriais CD-Rom is a great way to learn, as it gives you easy-to-achieve goals. Learni..
Mêfie-té des Monstres (Jèrriais) Look out for Monsters!
Mêfie-té des Monstres! (Look out for Monsters!) Jersey's myths and legends appear in a graduated ..
Toute La Pêque (The Whole Lot/Caboodle/Shoot) Jèrriais
Toute La Pêque (The whole lot / caboodle / shoot)  A set of six small colourful books that w..
Vocabulary Builder - Jèrriais
Learning new words really is child's play with this cartoon disk for all ages! Build and improve you..