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The Toad and the Donkey
The Toad and the Donkey brings together texts in the Norman languages of the Channel Islands, along ..
Un livret d'phrases en Jèrriais
Voul'-ous pâler l'Jèrriais? Do you want to speak Jèrriais? From now on it will be even easier to get..
Bram and Elie (Jèrriais)
"Bram & Elie", a centenary anthology, will provide great pleasure for those familiar with the wo..
Chu Preunmié Noué (That First Christmas - Jèrriais)
Chu Preunmié Noué is an ideal stocking filler for Christmas.  A beautifully illustrated booklet..
Eune Pouch'tée d'Poésies (Jèrriais)
J'avons ichîn eune pétite pouch'tée d'poésies Jèrriaises, auve des vèrsions Angliaîches, - entouor l..
J'allons à la chasse à l'ourse (We're Going on a Bear Hunt) (Jèrriais)
J’allons à la chasse à l’ourse! (We’re going on a bear hunt!)   The well-known children’s..
La P'tite Gruffalinne (Jèrriais)
La P’tite Gruffaline Lé Gruffalo dit qu’ch’est mauvaîtchi dé mett’ ses pids dans la grande néthe ..
Lé Gruffalo
Lé Gruffalo - the endearing children's classic picture storybook by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffl..
Learn Jèrriais CD-Rom
This Learn Jèrriais CD-Rom is a great way to learn, as it gives you easy-to-achieve goals. Learni..
Mêfie-té des Monstres (Jèrriais) Look out for Monsters!
Mêfie-té des Monstres! (Look out for Monsters!) Jersey's myths and legends appear in a graduated ..
Toute La Pêque (The Whole Lot/Caboodle/Shoot) Jèrriais
Toute La Pêque (The whole lot / caboodle / shoot)  A set of six small colourful books that w..
Vocabulary Builder - Jèrriais
Learning new words really is child's play with this cartoon disk for all ages! Build and improve you..