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A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, Vol 2
This book contains approximately two hundred biographies of prominent, or notorious, Jersey men and ..
A Brief History of Jèrriais
What has changed since the Second World War is that most of those who underwent the same experience ..
A Celebration of Autonomy 1204-2004 : 800 Years of CI Law
A collection of papers presented at a conference organised by the Jersey Law Review in July 2004 to ..
A Concise History of Jersey
'The Ariel French war steamer', wrote Colonel John Le Couteur in 1860 'came from Carteret to St Cath..
A Glossary for the Historian of Jersey
The Glossary for the Historian of Jersey aims to give the meanings of specific words and phrases tha..
A Guide to the Churches of Jersey
An illustrated, historical guide to the 12 parish churches of Jersey. ..
A Guide to the Dolmens of Jersey
A guide to the major Neolithic stone monuments in Jersey and what we know of the people who built th..
A Gunner's Great War
If the First World War had not happened when it did, Channel Islander Clarence Ahier would almost ce..
A Jersey Family
Rosemary Hampton vividly brings to life a thousand years of Jersey history.  She starts in the ..
All for the King
The Life story of Sir George Carteret (1609-1680)      ..
Bouan Noué
In our booklet we've collected together carols, poems and stories from three centuries of printed Jè..
Classical Areas of British Geology
A geological survey of Jersey ..
Coastal Towers of Jersey
Book about the Coastal Towers dotted around the coast of Jersey ..
Coinage in Jersey - 2000 years
This publication is a brief history of coinage circulating in the island of Jersey from the first ce..
Death of Major Peirson
The story behind the picture "The Death of Major Pierson" ..