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A Biographical Dictionary of Jersey, Vol 2
This book contains approximately two hundred biographies of prominent, or notorious, Jersey men and ..
A Brief History of Jèrriais
What has changed since the Second World War is that most of those who underwent the same experience ..
A Celebration of Autonomy 1204-2004 : 800 Years of CI Law
A collection of papers presented at a conference organised by the Jersey Law Review in July 2004 to ..
A Concise History of Jersey
'The Ariel French war steamer', wrote Colonel John Le Couteur in 1860 'came from Carteret to St Cath..
A Glossary for the Historian of Jersey
The Glossary for the Historian of Jersey aims to give the meanings of specific words and phrases tha..
A Guide to the Churches of Jersey
An illustrated, historical guide to the 12 parish churches of Jersey. ..
A Guide to the Dolmens of Jersey
A guide to the major Neolithic stone monuments in Jersey and what we know of the people who built th..
A Gunner's Great War
If the First World War had not happened when it did, Channel Islander Clarence Ahier would almost ce..
A Jersey Family
Rosemary Hampton vividly brings to life a thousand years of Jersey history.  She starts in the ..
All for the King
The Life story of Sir George Carteret (1609-1680)      ..
Beyond the Call of Duty
Book describing the daily lives of staff and patients in Jersey hospitals and nursing homes during t..
Bouan Noué
In our booklet we've collected together carols, poems and stories from three centuries of printed Jè..
Classical Areas of British Geology
A geological survey of Jersey ..
Coastal Towers of Jersey
Book about the Coastal Towers dotted around the coast of Jersey ..
Coinage in Jersey - 2000 years
This publication is a brief history of coinage circulating in the island of Jersey from the first ce..