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Past Landscapes of Jersey
Environmental changes during the last 10,000 years ..
Patterns in a Prehistoric Landscape
The Archaeology of St Ouen's Bay ..
Postcards of HG Allix
Scenes of Edwardian Jersey ..
Sticks & Stones - Antlers & Bones
Jersey farm implements, machines and tractors : 4000 BC to 1960 AD It is no exaggeration to say t..
The Archaeology of the Channel Islands
The book covers virtually all aspects and periods of Channel Island archaeology, and important refer..
The British CI's under German Occupation 1940-1945
To mark the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation. Book offers a detailed portrayal of the choices face..
The Channel Islands 1370-1640
The islands' regular tangential appearance in histories of England and the British Isles has long su..
The Fisherman's Chapel
Fisherman's Chapel - its archaeology, architecture, wall paintings and conservation ..
The Glory of the Garden
In relation to its size Jersey has an astonishing number of wonderful gardens. Over the past thirty-..
The Minerals of Jersey
A guide to minerals found in Jersey ..
The Origin & Development of Jersey Law
Stephanie Nicolle read English at Durham University and graduated with first class honours in Englis..
Tracing your CI Ancestors
Tracing your CI ancestors is an expert introduction for the family historian to the wealth of materi..
Traite du Droit Coutumier de L'Ile Jersey
The Traite du Droit Coutumier de L'Ile Jersey was written more than 60 years ago but still cont..
Un livret d'phrases en Jèrriais
Voul'-ous pâler l'Jèrriais? Do you want to speak Jèrriais? From now on it will be even easier to get..