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Le Neu C'Min   2
Books written in Jèrriais which are supplied to schools ..
Le Neu C'Min   3
Books written in Jèrriais which are supplied to schools ..
Les Preunmié Mille Mots
A book designed to make the learning of Jèrriais amusing and interesting to young and old alike. A c..
Little Master Stonehenge
A study of the Megalithic monument from Le Mont de la Ville ..
Maistre Wace – A Celebration
Thirteen papers given at the International Colloquium on the life and works of Maistre Wace held in ..
Maretts of La Haule
History of the Marett family ..
Memoirs of Edward Le Brocq
Published diary of Edward ("The Critic") Le Brocq, recording Jersey characters and events from the l..
Mille Ditons en Jèrriais
A thousand sayings in the Norman French language, with translations in English and French, the book ..
Mont Orgueil Castle
For over eight centuries the castle of Mont Orgueil has dominated the east coast of Jersey and ..
Old Jersey Houses Vol II
Old Jersey houses and those who lived in them 1700 onwards ..
Operating Under Occupation
The Life and Work of Arthur Clare Halliwell FRCS, a surgeon at the Hospital during the Occupation ..
Original Songs in the Jersey Language
Arthur Edward Balleine (1864-1943) emigrated from Jersey as a young man and made a life-long career ..
Our Wartime Parish
When he retired from teaching, HS Carter wrote a number of memoirs in which he recorded various aspe..
Past Landscapes of Jersey
Environmental changes during the last 10,000 years ..
Patterns in a Prehistoric Landscape
The Archaeology of St Ouen's Bay ..