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Channel Islands' Railway Steamers
This unique book was one of the first to document and illustrate the passenger steamer service opera..
Cheers! Drinks and drinking in Jersey through the ages
Alasdair Crosby has put together this fantastic new book tracing the history of drinks and drinking ..
Chu Preunmié Noué (That First Christmas - Jèrriais)
Chu Preunmié Noué is an ideal stocking filler for Christmas.  A beautifully illustrated booklet..
Classic Areas of British Geology Map
This map is the perfect companion to the Classic Areas of British Geology booklet, also sold on the ..
Confederation of the Channel Islands? Next Steps
A transcript of the proceedings of a conference organised by the Jersey and Guernsey Law Review at S..
Dictionnaire Jersiais-Francais (Jerriais - French Dictionary)
Dictionnaire Jersiais-Francais by Frank Le Maistre with Vocabulary Francais-Jersiais by Albert Ca..
Dinan - The English Colony 1800-1940
For over 150 years Dinan became the home of hundreds of English speaking men, women and childre..
Eune Pouch'tée d'Poésies (Jèrriais)
J'avons ichîn eune pétite pouch'tée d'poésies Jèrriaises, auve des vèrsions Angliaîches, - entouor l..
French Emigration to Jersey: 1850-1950
Between 1850 and 1950 the island of Jerset saw the arrival of a substantial number of emigrants from..
From Sail to Steam
Studies in the Nineteenth-Century History of the Channel Islands  Waterloo saw the end ..
In the English Service - The Life of Philippe d'Auvergne
As a result of an extremely dramatic and illustrious career spanning 5 decades, the life of Jerseyma..
J'allons à la chasse à l'ourse (We're Going on a Bear Hunt) (Jèrriais)
J’allons à la chasse à l’ourse! (We’re going on a bear hunt!)   The well-known children’s..
Jersey Place Names I & II
The original 1986 Jersey Place Names  volumes are highly sought after by scholars and for ..
Jersey's Geological Heritage - Sites of Special Interest (SSI)
The Island of Jersey has a geology that is significantly different to that of the United Kingdom and..