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Raising a Clameur
Haro! Haro! Haro! A l'aide mon Prince. On me fait tort. - Remember these words - you never know..
Romantics in the Channel Islands
For the artists of the Romantic movement working in the Channel Islands during the early and mid-nin..
Silver in the Channel Islands
This book details the history of Channel Island silver and places its development within the context..
Stewards of the Media
How the first Jersey newspapers grew in influence to be the media of today, sharing the news with te..
Stinker's Nine Lives
From Dunkirk to D-Day and beyond  He lied about his age to join up, and left his island home..
The Battle of Jersey 1781
The Battle of Jersey fought on 6th January 1781 was a battle of the American War of Independence.&nb..
The Glass Rainbow
This guide book is an introduction to the life and work of a remarkable but little known Jerseyman, ..
The Jersey Codfather
Charles Robin (1743-1825) was a remarkable man from St Aubin, in the British Island of Jersey. Charl..
The Jersey Scuba Explorers Guide
Jersey is a unique scuba diving destination which can hold its own against most exotic locations. De..
The Lichens of Jersey
Lichens are everywhere in Jersey. On walls, on rocks around the coast, on trees, on heathland. They ..
The Monuments and Windows of the Parish Church of Saint Helier Jersey
 This book is a fascinating record of the monuments and windows of the Parish Church of Saint H..
The Seashore Life of Jersey
Jersey's seas contain a mixture of warmer southern European species and colder subartic ones giving ..
The State of Butterflies in Jersey
In 2004 the States of Jersey established the Jersey Butterfly monitoring scheme (JBMS) as part of it..
The Triumph of the Country - The Rural Community in 19th Century Jersey
The Triumph of the Country - The Rural Community in 19th Century Jersey first appeared in 1994, when..