Bram and Elie (Jèrriais)

Bram and Elie (Jèrriais)

"Bram & Elie", a centenary anthology, will provide great pleasure for those familiar with the work of two of Jersey's best-loved Jèrriais authors, as well as opening the eyes of new readers to Jersey life in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Philip Le Sueur Mourant featured his character Bram Bilo (a proud ex-Centenier from St Ouën) for a series of adventures as an innocent abroad.  Edwin John Luce was a prolific writer, journalist and editor who composed poetry and prose in Jèrriais, French and English, using the pen-name Elie. 

2018 marked the centenary of the deaths of both authors. 

This anthology makes their texts accessible with English adaptations alongside the Jèrriais text.

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