La P'tite Sente 1

La P'tite Sente 1

A new series of workbooks launched to help Island school children improve their grammar and vocabulary when learning Jersey Norman French.

The colourful 48-page book entitled La P\'tite Sente will be used in all States primary and secondary schools and in some private schools. The book targets a wide range of ages from beginners to 16-year-olds who may be revisiting the language.

It was created by Tony Scott Warren, Geraint Jennings and Colin Ireson who said La P\'tite Sente had been designed to introduce pupils to Jèrriais in a fun and accessible way.

Mr Ireson said that the book was a great move for the Island. As we hope to move towards a GCSE qualification, a new book was required to satisfy the demands of the course,\' he said. \'It guides students from simple words to conversations about the home and supermarket shopping.\'

The group hope that the book will inspire a new generation of young Jèrriais speakers and encourage them to practise the language at home, at school and at work.

JEP 18/9/2004